Ejercicios basicos para causar alucinaciones(ingles)

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Ejercicios basicos para causar alucinaciones(ingles) Empty Ejercicios basicos para causar alucinaciones(ingles)

Mensaje por Daniel el Sáb Jun 30, 2018 10:31 pm

Basic Exercises :
1.The first exercise is very simple, it helps you get in touch with your body. Get into a comfortable position and just feel your body. Try to feel your heart beat in a steady pulse. Breath slowly and close your eyes if you can’t seem to focus on your body.
2.Once you have mastered feeling your body move on to emotions. Imagine something that conjures up feelings of joy throughout your body. Hold on to that feeling and try to keep it in your body. Now you see this has become useful, it can help you when you’re feeling down.
3.Once you can hold to that feeling well and keep it for several seconds move on to changing the feeling. The feeling can become anything you imagine, you can create extreme joy from just a little joy. Otherwise you can turn it into anything else you want, even bad feelings if you’re a masochist.
I feel I should write a book about it. I dunno, let me know what you think.

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